These Spooky Halloween Donuts are Covered in an Array of Eyeballs

These homemade donut decorations cleverly transform the sweet treat into a ghoulish monster with dozens of eyes starring back at you. While these donuts look incredibly sweet, they're baked instead of fried making them a healthier homemade treat to enjoy this fall season.

Spooky donuts are a fun treat for adults and kids alike to enjoy during Halloween time and this version can be made right at home. The dough is made from cocoa, butter, sugar, milk and flour to create a dense chocolate sponge that is then baked and topped with a sugar glass. The donuts are then dipped into black sanding sugar and topped with various black and white eye sizes made from royal icing.

The recipe for these donuts can be used all year simply by changing up the decorations to suit the new season.