This Print Ad for the Don't Drive Drunk Foundation is Visually Bold

 - May 16, 2013
References: bestadsontv
This striking print advertisement called 'Beer Suicide' for the Don't Drive Drunk Foundation aims to visually showcase the potential dangers of alcohol use while driving.

There are some drivers who tend to disregard the constant warnings against drunk driving, believing that no actual harm can come of having a beer or two behind the wheel. This simple yet thought-provoking ad by the Leo Burnett Bangkok agency showcases exactly what can happen if you decide to drink and drive: a horrendous head-splattering accident.

The campaign showcases a man drinking a bottle of beer, while the back of his head seems to be broken into pieces as a small vehicle drives out from it. The image is meant to portray the direct correspondence between drinking and driving, and the potential deadly outcome it can have.