Donkey Kong 3: Daigyakushuu is Now Playable for Retro Game Fans

 - Feb 26, 2018
References: comicbook & hypebeast
The ultra-rare Donkey Kong 3: Daigyakushuu is now available under the title Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack. The elusive title was first licensed by Nintendo in the early 80s and was developed alongside Hudson Soft. The game saw a release in Japan, but sadly never made its way to American shores. That is until now, thanks to dedicated fans of the series Donkey Kong 3: Daigyakushuu is now playable on modern devices.

The modern Donkey Kong 3: Daigyakushuu was created by a dedicated fan group that began their endeavor after purchasing a rare copy of the game for $415. From there the group extracted all of the game's data and created a version that could be played through and X1 emulator. The emulated version of the game does include a number of new features, making it more of a sequel to Donkey Kong 3, but does preserve the original 20 stages of the original.