Gino De Dominicis' Calamita Cosmica is a Haunted Tourist Attraction

The Gino De Dominicis 'Calamita Cosmica' is a massive skeletal sculpture in Milan, Italy. The skeletal structure is seen lying on its back and has unique details that make it stand out.

Gino De Dominicis has a reputation for uncanny artwork that attracts audiences by perking their curiosity. If the skeleton was to stand it would reach over 90 feet. The artist built this monument before his death, and it has been moved around Europe since. The Gino De Dominicis' Calamita Cosmica is a tribute to the human body and perhaps even symbolic towards the great talent of its creator. Nevertheless, this gigantic skeleton will catch the eye of any passerby, and have them gawking at these massive bones in a state of wonder.