These Oreos Feature a Dollop of Vanilla Frosting in the Middle

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: consumerist & refinery29
‘Nabisco’ recently unveiled a new Oreo flavor that features a dollop of vanilla frosting hidden in the middle. While other snack food companies have been churning out pumpkin-flavored versions of their products, the Oreo has undergone a different kind of transformation.

The latest Oreo variety spotted on store shelves is 'Filled Cupcake-flavored.' Although the cookie is intended to mimic a cupcake, the product appears similar to a popular snack cake. The new Oreo consists of a classic chocolate cookie base topped with chocolate frosting. The surprise comes from the dollop of vanilla frosting hidden in the center of the cookie.

Although the decadent sandwich cookie has already been spotted in stores, the new Oreo flavor is not likely to be available for widespread purchase until January 2016.