Dollar Shave Club Helps You Shave Your Expenses

Dollar Shave Club is a Venice, California-based company that delivers shaving razors, blades and other male grooming products to your doorstep, for a price that works out to be a fraction of the cost of grocery store and drug store purchases.

The service offers three varieties of blades that cost $3.50, $6.50 and $9.50 a month respectively, including shipping and handling charges. This allows customers to shave significant amounts of money on their annual shaving product expenses.

As a new Dollar Shave Club member, you are eligible to receive a free handle compatible with your chosen blade. If you want to upgrade to a slicker blade or downgrade to a cheaper one, it's as easy as "putting a hot blade through lather". All it takes is a couple of clicks, and you will receive the new blade the next month, with an included free handle.