The Dolfi Uses Ultrasonic Waves to Wash Delicate Clothes

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Dolfi is a pocket-sized device, designed by Swiss lab MPI Ultrasonics, that makes it easier than ever to launder delicate clothes without having to hand-wash them. Dubbed the "world's smallest and gentlest washing device," the soap-shaped device can be used as a home or travel washer that uses 90% less energy than regular washing machines.

Despite being a high-tech creation, the Dolfi pebble is very easy to use. Place your soiled delicates in a basin or container of water, add detergent, switch on the Dolfi and place it in the water. Then rinse the clothes a half hour later and hang them up to dry.

The device uses a transducer that generates ultrasonic waves that create microscopic bubbles in the water. As the bubbles collapse, they produce tiny shock waves that dislodge dirt from fabrics without harming the fabric.

The Dolfi is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. A pledge of $89 will get you set up with a Dolfi pebble, inflatable hanger and a silicone basin stopper.