The Visually Expressive “Jumping in Art Museums” Blog

Allison Reimus, a MFA student at American University, has created a truly unique blog called "Jumping in Art Museums." She describes herself as the "Art Jumper Team Captain", as well as an "avid art jumper."

People from all over send their pictures to Reiumus’ "Jumping in Art Museums" blog, to share with her photos of their enthusiasm over a work of art that makes them leap into the air for joy.

I really appreciate the "Jumping in Art Museums" blog for the shear fun of it alone. And, especially because I’ve grown tired and weary from seeing news photos of depressed and grief stricken stock brokers and consumers and images of war.  

If you plan on visiting a museum soon, you may find it a great opportunity to temporarily escape from the harsh economic reality facing all of us right now, and photograph your jump for a favorite piece of art, and send it to Allison Reimus at her "Jumping in Art Museums" blog. 

In looking at the expressions of the participants who’ve sent their photos in, everyone one looks like they’re having a great time!