IKEA's 'Do you speak human?' Questionnaire Asks About AI

 - May 3, 2017
References: doyouspeakhuman & theverge
Ever since the invention of computerized coding languages, artificial intelligence has been making its way into more and more aspects of daily life, and the 'Do you speak human?' project is geared toward investigating how people feel about this technological intrusion. Administered by SPACE10 in collaboration with IKEA, the project consists of a questionnaire that aims to collect information from as many people as possible about important questions relating to AI.

'Do you speak human?' takes it as a given that AI will soon be inextricably linked to the way modern people lead their lives (think along the lines of the movie 'Her.') Rather than running headlong into that future, though, the project hopes to gain an idea of what people want to see from that AI. It asks questions like "What gender should your AI be?", "Should your AI reflect your values and worldviews?", and "Should your AI be able to detect and react to emotions?"