This 'Do It for Mom' Ad Asks Danes to Reward Grandmothers with Babies

This hilarious commercial from travel company Spies Travel Denmark is one of the videos part of the 'Do it for Mom' campaign. The premise of the campaign is to increase the country's population growth by encouraging Danes to go on vacation and have babies. This may sound like an outrageous proposition, but to add to this, the travel company asks couples to have a baby to reward aging mothers who want to be grandmothers.

This campaign comes at the heels of its previous 'Do it For Denmark,' commercials which had a more patriotic tone. Do it for Mom may seem like a ridiculous request, but the playful and sometimes uncomfortable video has gone viral on social media. A new service for the website has also been introduced where grandmothers can prepay vacation packages to encourage the conception of a grandchild.