EyeSite Vision Testing Kiosk by SoloHealth

 - Jun 29, 2008
References: solo-health & coolest-gadgets
SoloHealth plans to be “a world leader in self-service health screening.” The company has developed EyeSite, an innovative and award winning, kiosk style eye-health screening unit.

The company realized finding time to undergo routine medical checkups with our fast paced lifestyles is becoming more and more of a challenge. If something is not urgently wrong we put off making an appointment, which often has to be done weeks or even months ahead. People are delaying professional help, including optometric visits, in some cases to the detriment of their health.

SoloHealth's plan is to have the EyeSite kiosks placed in convenient, highly visible (no pun intended) locations, to provide users with a quick vision and eye-health synopsis. Online appointments can then be made simply and conveniently right there, if the EyeSite kiosk with its CIBA Vision software deems it necessary.

The first EyeSite kiosk has been set up in a Wal-Mart in Georgia and has been eagerly put to the test by more than 6000 shoppers.