Joan Cornella's Comic Strips are Unsettling

These disturbing cartoons from illustrator Joan Cornella are both hilarious and nauseating. Cornella combines morbid humor with a light-hearted illustration style, creating an effective juxtaposition that makes these works confusingly comical.

One comic strip in particular is absolutely hysterical, but needs to be looked over several times to experience the entire effect. The first panel shows what looks like a dog wearing a black wig. The panel then zooms out to show that it's actually a black-haired man standing in front of a dog. The panel zooms out again to show that the man is actually holding a dog puppet, while standing in front of another dog whose head is blocked from view. This keeps happening, until the final panel shows a dog standing next to another dog holding a puppet shaped like a man. By slowly revealing more information about the situation, Cornella has created a comic strip that builds in humor and makes for an interesting and enjoyable piece of art.