one smooch at a time

 - Apr 5, 2012
References: kissenger.lovotics
For some of you, a phone call can’t do it…. text wont suffice… and Skype won’t either. How do you show your better half some lovin’ when they’re a continent, or ocean away? With the Kissenger by Lovotics, distance means nothing. It fills the gap to make your long distance relationship a little easier.

The contraption consists of two round, pig-like, contraptions with a silicon mouthpiece on each. The idea is for both parties to kiss the mouthpiece at the same time, and the Kissenger will do the work for you to transmit the pressure on each mouthpiece to its pair. The robots use digital communication media and advanced robotic technology to simulate a real kiss. Check out the video for a demonstration:

Albeit a little weird, desperate times call for desperate measures!