SmileSaver Makes a Single-Use Disposable Toothbrush That Only Needs Water

 - Apr 14, 2016
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Rather than traveling with a miniature toothpaste tube and a small-scale toothbrush in a suitcase, on-the-go consumers can now opt to buy a disposable toothbrush from SmileSaver.

Each single-use toothbrush comes individually wrapped and hygienically sealed, so its contents are kept protected until the oral care tool is ready for use. Once opened, the design reveals a brush with dry bristles where toothpaste has already been added. In order to activate the toothpaste's cleaning properties, a user only needs to add water and begin brushing as per their usual routine.

After using one of these TSA-approved disposable toothbrushes, a traveler can simply locate a recycling bin in order to properly dispose of the product. As well as being ideal for long journeys, this toothbrush provides an efficient way to freshen up at the office or a restaurant.