The Disney Minimalist Posters are Stunning Photos Within Photos

 - Nov 11, 2012
References: etsy & bforbel
Etsy shop owner Rowan Stocks Moore gets rid of all the elaborate decoration and gets right to the bare bones of each story for his Disney Minimalist Posters. What really sets them apart from other character illustrations is the way two signifying images are combined to portray a scene from the film.

For instance, The Lion King portrait shows a translucent outline of the ferocious animal. Within his mane is a picture of a heroic lion governing over his animal brethren on Pride Rock. The Bambi poster shows an outline of a buck staring right at you while the image a mother and her baby (assumed to be Bambi) tread on the snowy surface that is his head.

The Disney minimalist posters are artistically enhanced. They do away with the cute factor associated with the animation corporation and focus on the reality of the films.