BYOTROL24's Disinfectant Cleaner Continuously Sanitizes Surfaces

 - Jul 20, 2018
References: byotrol24 & prnewswire
There are many disinfectant cleaners on the market that promise to kill a high percentage of germs with a single swipe, but these surfaces have the potential to become quickly re-contaminated once again. BYOTROL24 is now introducing itself as "the most effective, longest lasting brand of household disinfectant cleaner on the market," with a formula that's been scientifically developed to continuously kill germs for 24 hours.

The formula is said to be gentle on surfaces, does not release harmful fumes or leave behind any harsh chemical residue—with the EPA ranking BYOTROL24 as one of the least toxic household disinfectant cleaners.

As well as boasting the ability to kills over 99.9% of bacteria for 24 hours, the disinfectant surface cleaner also helps to protect people from common flu, cold, strep, listeria and other germs.