This Portable Pullup Dip Bar Can be Installed and Used Inside or Out

 - Jan 2, 2017
References: pullup-dip & thegadgetflow
It's often assumed that you need a gym full of equipment in order to achieve a total body workout, but the Portable Pullup Dip Bar is intended to help change this with a design that's truly revolutionary.

The exercise equipment works by being installed onto a wall within the home or affixed onto a bar or tree in the outside world. Once installed, the device can be utilized to perform pull-ups, leg raises, dips, muscle-ups and much more without having to use traditional weights. This is because the system makes use of your own body weight for resistance in order to use what you've already got to get in better shape.

The Portable Pullup Dip Bar can be stored discreetly when not in use, while the wall mount can be hidden with a piece of artwork when it main portion isn't mounted.