From Designs to Seating Updates

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: trendreports
Interior design is coveted by students, couples and parents alike. The homebase is often considered a matter of self-expression, the sum of one's possessions and taste. While some abodes are more temporary than others, many have been expertly detailed, mixing an array of colors and styles into one overarching theme. The dinner table is a crucial part of this mix, typically seen as the communal hub of most domestic settings. The Dinner Table Trend Report has traced the evolution of this core piece, complete with eight decor-themed articles and one PRO Trend.

The familial dinner table has been updated to suit multiple motifs. Minimal, futuristic and countryside seating arrangements have all been produced with a mind for detail and style. Retailers and in-the-market consumers will gain insight and inspiration from the Dinner Table Trend Report, which bolsters new concepts and revolutionary consumer wares.