The DING3000 Nutcracker Resembles a Trusty Carabiner

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: ding3000 & betterlivingthroughdesign
Out of context, could you guess what purpose the DING3000 Nutcracker might serve? My first assumption was that the Normann Copenhagen implement was a rock climber's carabiner; however, with kernels of various sorts strewn about it, the real function of the utensil becomes obvious.

Look closely and you'll see a set of grooved metal prongs set into the narrowing crook of the tool. It's between these thin plates that you crush the shells of walnuts, peanuts, pistachios and pecans. What might have thrown you off of its application is the apparatus's continuous and closed form. This has been made from silicone material; it offers the user some cushioning for the more comfortable operation of the DING3000 Nutcracker and connects its spring-back ends.