The Art Collective Dihzahyners Painted 73 Stairs in Beruit

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: dihzahyners.tumblr & neatorama
An art collective called Dihzahyners took a dreary staircase in Beruit and turned it into a beautiful art installation.

What was once a run of the mill staircase of 73 stairs is now a vibrant mosaic of color thanks to the collective. This project is a great example how a little effort and imagination can inject life into dreary urban areas seemingly forgotten by time. Using every color in the rainbow, the group painted each block on each step a different color, which created a unique pattern that carries the eye all the way up the 73 stairs. The visual pathway created by this pattern mimics the path you'd walk up the stairs.

"We are a team of inspired, driven & passionate artists/designers, aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brighter & more beautiful, through color," states Dihzahyners on their website.