The Digital Stethoscope Will Help Doctors Detect Heart Issues

 - Jan 25, 2014
References: hdmedicalgroup & gizmodo
The ViScope MD by HD Medical Inc., is a digital stethoscope that is poised to revolutionize the way physicians detect heart conditions.

Doctors have been using traditional stethoscopes for years now and detecting issues of the heart using solely their ears. It's still not a perfect system and one has to wonder how many subtle issues like heart murmurs and other heart anomalies have gone undiagnosed. The Viscope MD digital stethoscope has an LCD screen to display heartbeats and delivers the sound of the heartbeat as a digital sound, allowing the doctor to turn up the volume or play with the sound like you would any other digital file.

The ViScope MD brings stethoscope technology into the 21st century. Now if only the can bring the whole "turn and cough" thing into the 21st century as well.