'Digital Death' Informs Viewers of Startling Stats

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: lifeinsurancefinder.au & youtube
If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all of your online social media accounts once you die, you’ll find this ‘Digital Death’ video highly informative. Acting as a continuation of the ‘What Happens Online When You Die?’ blogazine, ‘Digital Death’ condenses most of the relevant information from the multimedia website into a span of four minutes.

For instance, many people are likely unaware that once a person passes away, their digital properties belong to the platform provider unless stated otherwise. What this means is that a social media network like Facebook can potentially take all of your embarrassing and dirty photos and use it for ad campaigns free of charge.

Much more fascinating, however, is the notion that you may be resurrected in the future using all of your social media accounts. The ‘Digital Death’ vid predicts that, using personality predictors linking to all your online information, a digital self may be created that can interact with your future family.