Users Paying For Popularity

 - Mar 3, 2007
References: wired & digg
Digg-ers dig popular stories and anticipate the cool news...don't they? Many people believe that only the genuinely popular stuff gets promoted....but is that really true? Seems not. "Wired" decided to put the site to the test and conducted a controlled experiment. They developed a very basic blog with content around pictures of crowds , opened a Digg account and set up a link to the story. Unsurprisingly it attracted limited interest. Then, Wired turned to "User/Submitter" - A paid for service exists to help you get your story promoted:
"Where Digg Submitters Pay for Digg Users to Promote their Stories. And, Where Digg Users Make Easy Money"
Naturally the next day, the story was awarded a "become popular" tag and site traffic took off. Interestingly, if you want to clamber up the ranks at Digg, you need to be seen to vote on the most popular with the help of a paid for site, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy - you cand and will rise to top story. Whilst this was a triumph for the experimenter - Digg and Digg-ers did start to question the authenticity and soon buried the story. But not before it gained significant popularity,