Dig A Tech Girl

 - Nov 30, 2007
References: digatechgirl & digatechguy
Remember "Hot or Not?" Dig A Tech Girl is similar to that but for the geek set. It's a social site similar to Digg that lets people log on to rate the women of Silicon Valley. The participants don't necessarily put themselves up for the ranking - anybody can.

The site notes, "Web 2.0 parties, free 2.0 lunches, no host bars, billion dollar valuations ... its DOT COM time again! So to celebrate (and jump on that bandwagon), we've created (cobbled together) our own Web 2.0 'social face be space graph network platform app'. The 'Tech Girls' ... we HEART them. They brighten up the male geek's day (and late nights). Without them, the technology sector will be a lonely place indeed. These girls have brains (discuss...), they have beauty ('the eye of the beholder'..blah blah) and some even have a sense of humor (we hope so - this site is for 'entertainment' purposes only)"

In the gallery:
1. Julia Roy, the senior agent of Undercurrent and of author of http://juliaroy.com
2. Neha Tiwari, a producer at Revision3
3. Christy hosts the Daily Indie music show on ManiaTV.com