From Sexy Geek Costumes to Nerdy Negligee Campaigns

 - Aug 2, 2010   Updated: Aug 8 2011
It's undeniable that geek-chic is super hot right now. This cluster of gorgeous geek pictorials turns things up a notch. Whether it's an ad for retro styled eyewear or bikini-clad model wearing a Star Wars Stormtrooper mask, it's cool to let your inner nerd show. This is an ode to all of my librarian crushes.

From sexy geek costumes to nerdy negligee campaigns, I'm sure you will love these gorgeous geek pictorials.

Implications - The integration of two divergent groups, in this case nerds and attractive models, has often yielded fascinating results. The emergence of popular geek chic products is surprising, since typically nerds are cast as basement-bound loners and sex is rarely associated with them. Yet, clothing and advertising companies willing to inject some sexuality into their nerdy products will discover that the two worlds can be very complimentary.