Uncover Patterns Affecting Healthy Living and Active Lifestyles

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: trendreports
Thanks to key changes in the fast food industry, plus the push for people lead more active lifestyles from governmental and health organizations, these developments have created more opportunity for consumers to maintain their weight while causing variations to occur in the health, food and fitness industries. Use Trend Hunter's Diet Trend Report to track patterns affecting people's decision to slim down and pay closer attention to the foods they eat.

Technology has created change in many industries over the years, but how can it affect dieting? There are products like diet-friendly fridges infused with Wi-Fi that will sync with your smartphone, creating and managing a personalized diet plan for the whole family. Also, there are apps out there which track progress and notify you if a particular dieting strategy is going off track.

Track these innovations using our 21 PRO Trends and over 200 samples of research to gain the upper hand in the marketplace.