This SEHSUCHT Ad for Deutsche Fernsehlotterie is Stirring

 - May 18, 2012
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SEHSUCHT was recently commissioned by the non-profit, social lottery Deutsche Fernsehlotterie to produce an eye-catching, soul-searching commercial and that's exactly what the the Hamburg, Germany-based advertising agency did. The agency boasts that it produces and directs "cutting edge digital content." Judging by the work featured here, this claim is pretty spot-on.

The commercial follows a paper plane as it flies softly through a world made almost entirely of paper and filled with effortlessly compassionate people. This flight of fancy is narrated by a remarkably earnest-sounding man who asks the viewer to imagine a world where people take care of one another without hesitation or reservation. The whimsical setting and airy music help to mute any pangs of guilt or cynicism some viewers may have, instead replacing such sentiments with glimmers of compassion and thoughtfulness.