This Desolenator Putifies Water

 - Dec 8, 2014
References: desolenator & crowdfundinsider
In a world with so much technological advancement, clean drinkable water is still a scarce resource in so many countries around the world. Women and children in developing countries have to travel miles to get drinking water for themselves and their families.

The Desolenator is a new product that will improve the quality of life for many people by providing pure distilled water from salt water or other undrinkable water from inland sources. The best part is that Desolenator is a standalone device ,which uses solar energy and nothing else (no filters etc.). According to the company offering Desolenator, it has a new patented technology, which is unlike the currently used desalination devices, and more efficient. Once purchased, the Desolenator is easy to maintain and capable of providing clean drinking water for 20 years.

Desolenator won second place award in the Climate-KIC Accelerator program, providing a grant to the company towards development. The company has also begun a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money to finish developing the Desolenator, and bring it to people.