This Celestial Desk Paperweight Shows the Expansiveness of the Universe

 - May 20, 2014
References: fancy & fancy
If you're a fan of stars and constellations, this geeky solar system paperweight would be the perfect desk accessory for your office. This galactic paperweight shows the entire Milky Way galaxy inside a tiny, glass semi-circle.

This planetary paperweight cleverly condenses the expansiveness of our celestial solar system inside one convenient place. Inside this semi-circle paperweight is a black bottom covered in several white circles to replicate the different planet orbits. Around each orbit is a colored ball to depict the different galactic planets. In the middle of this minuscule solar system is a bright yellow ball to represent the sun. Floating silver glitter stands in as the millions of stars in the universe. The dense glass frame of this paperweight is ideal for holding down thick stacks of letters, papers and notes.