Pantone's Ads Describe a Color by Taste, Feel, Smell & Sound

 - Dec 6, 2014
References: pantone & coloribus
Unless you have synesthesia and your senses tend to cross over, you probably don't experience color in the same way as described in these Pantone ads. The 'Make Sense of Color' series is text-based and features short and sweet blurbs about shades like purple, red, gray and a bright citrus yellow.

Pantone's poster for the color red breaks down the sensory experience of the hue like this: it smells like Christmas, feels hot, tastes like fire and sounds like dubstep. In contrast, gray is described as having a metallic smell and a "blah" feel. Since Pantone recently unveiled its pick for the Color of the Year for 2015, Marsala, a rich red-brown color, these ads are a clever and timely way to show that this brand dominates when it comes to deciphering different colors.