This Decor Will Add a Color Among Announcements on the Fridge

The refrigerator door is often home to an abundance of announcements and calendars and this Smarty Pant Paper Co. Creation will keep them in clear view.

Remove those promotional magnets you get in the mail from restaurants and real estate agents and opt for ones that will add a little pizzazz to your fridge. They are also a craft project kids can make and parents can proudly display on their fridge. This makes them both practical and a way to occupy your child's dwindling attention span.

To make this Smarty Pant Paper Co. creation, you will need clear flat back marbles, glass domes, magnets, glue and of course glitter. The next steps are fairly simple and require you to dab glue on the marble's back and dunk them in glitter. In no time and all, these glittery magnets will be among the schedules, calendars and children's drawings that coat your fridge's door.