The DelayMirror Gives You a View of Your Back

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: delaymirror & psfk
When you try on a piece of clothing, most often you find yourself twisting to get a view of what the outfit looks like from the back. However, the DelayMirror, created by ComQi in collaboration with John Paul Bichard from Creative Advisor Group, may change this particularly annoying part of the shopping experience by actually showing you what you look like from the rear.

The DelayMirror is not really a mirror but a video screen that works on a continual three-second delay. When you stand in front of it, it tapes you, and then shows you the recording three seconds later. So, if you do a little spin or stand for a few seconds with your back to the screen, you'll get a view of what your back looks like.

A device like the DelayMirror is definitely an advantage when it comes shopping since being able to see how you look from every possible angle could sway you in what you decide to buy as well as help you make a more informed purchase.