The Defind App Helps You Remember a Word by Typing in the Definition

 - Jul 14, 2017
References: abduzeedo
The Defind App will will search a word for you based on the definition you submit.

This app aims to combat the annoying brain block that happens all too often. Typing in a simple definition such as "someone who is famous for bad reasons" will prompt the system to scan its database for definitions that include the submitted key words. If a word isn't found, the app will suggest related synonyms with accompanying definitions. Once a word is located, Defind can translate that word into different languages.

This backwards search engine offers users a more personalized and accessible method of communication, as it allows the user to work with the familiarity of their own lexicon. This app is perfect for language lovers searching to expand their vocabularies as well as busy-brained people who find themselves constantly tongue-tied.