The Defaced Dollars Site is a Compendium of Illustrated Bills

 - Jun 18, 2011
References: defaceddollars & wildammo
The Defaced Dollars Wordpress website features artworks of the unknown and anonymous who have decided to draw on the dollar bill.

The results, though they may be illegal, are interesting. From David Bowie-inspired presidents to hockey helmet-donning prime ministers, the site is the perfect collection of defaced dollars. Some of the pieces look more scribbled on, whereas others are more elaborate and detailed.

My favorite dollar bill, though, is the Darth Vader George Washington, which shows the president donning an elaborately drawn Vader helmet. The Defaced Dollars site is a cool time-killer and features bills from various countries such as the United States, Canada and England. The site is the perfect example of how pop culture thinks of figures past.