Montreal's Cinko is Now Serving Up Deep-Fried Ferrero Rocher Balls

 - Nov 30, 2017
References: facebook & mtlblog
Montreal may be known for its bagels and poutine, but now the city is making its mark by serving up a decadent treat called Deep Fried Ferrero Rocher Balls. Stuffed with Nutella and bits of crunchy hazelnuts, the dessert is a delicious take on a popular candy.

The Deep Fried Ferrero Rocher Balls can be found on the menu at a cozy Montreal restaurant called Cinko. The treats themselves look similar to donut holes in that the doughy exterior has been deep-fried until golden brown. The inside is then stuffed with Nutella and crunchy hazelnut pieces to recreate the taste of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. To take the treats to the next level, a trio of Deep Fried Ferrero Rocher Balls is served on a bed of melted chocolate.