These Decorative Ceramic Plates are Adorned with NSFW Imagery

These decorative ceramic plates by Toronto-based artists Kris Aaron and Andy Walker of 'Pansy Ass Ceramics' certainly don't resemble anything your grandmother use to have in her home.

The collection of NSFW fine china consists of decorative ceramic plates that have been creatively painted over with a variety of suggestive phrases and illustrations. Some of these naughty plates are adorned with typical ceramic motifs -- like roses or idyllic wild animals -- but paired with hand-painted phrases like "Horny," "Hung," and "Total Top." These typographic images are overlaid on top of classic patterns to create an intriguing and often hilarious contrast.

The collection also boldly displays more graphic sexual imagery -- plates adorned with suggestive same sex drawings -- and is a guaranteed conversation starter at any dinner party with friends.