Let Light Softly Stream into Your Home with the 'Deconstructed Curtains'

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: kinnasand & medesignmag
Blinds can oftentimes create a living space that feels too restrictive but these Deconstructed Curtains create a warm environment that welcomes you to stay in and get cozy.

Created by Kinassand, a design firm located in Scandinavia, these Deconstructed Curtains are a contemporary take on covering up your windows. Rather than letting in light through the middle part between two curtain sheets, this design features discreet slits within the curtain "that allows shafts of light to stream through," according to medesignmag.com. The Deconstructed Curtains are made with re-sewn pieces of fabric to create a distinctly homey feel.

Ditch your grandmother's stuffy floral designs and get the Deconstructed Curtains for your modernly cozy living space.