The 'DecksTop Timber' Table is Made from Broken Skateboard Decks

 - Aug 22, 2016
Though the stereotypical skateboarder is a devil-may-care rebel, the DecksTop Timber table is emblematic of a more responsible part of skateboard culture. The table, designed and built by Dutch furniture company Focused Skateboard Woodworks, is made from recycled skateboard decks, giving it a sustainable forestry label and showing the environmental bent of skate culture.

Aside from its green conception, the colorful DecksTop Timber table is plainly attractive. Because skateboard decks tend to be uniquely colored and dyed, each DecksTop Timber tabletop is completely original, combining the random colors of hundreds of skateboards.

The skateboards themselves are sourced from local skate stores and factories around Europe. This means that the decks are made from not only boards destroyed by use, but also factory duds, further increasing the sustainability of the tables.