This Death Scent Cologne Will Help Hide You When The Zombie Apocolypse Hits

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: youtube & holykaw.alltop
When the zombie apocalypse comes, you will want to have a bottle of death scent cologne in you survival kit. With zombies being attracted to the smell of human flesh, this cologne will have you smelling of death and decay. A spritz of this cologne will have the zombies walking right passed you as if you are another regular zombie.

This cologne is created from the disgusting odors of putrescine and cadaverine; both are fitting names for foul-smelling odors. With both odors produced by E. coli, the scents will be easily collected for production of the cologne.

Zombie apocalypse fanatics will jump over each other to get a whole of cases of this cologne, with the one with the most cases hoping to be one of the soul survivors of the zombies.