Death is Home by Topsafe London Looks Like a Walt Disney Film on Acid

 - May 22, 2012
References: vimeo & complex
Short and sweet, 'Death is Home' by Topsafe London is the result of a collaboration between the design boutique ILoveDust and Paris-based graffiti artist Horfe.

Clocking in at a mere 38 seconds, Death is Home tells a quick story about the characters eager to escape the confines of their narrative boundaries. A book falls from the sky, the pages turn themselves to the middle of the novel and like a scene from a Looney Toons cartoon, a saw emerges from the ground to cut out a section from the story. From this newly created entrance emerge various bizarre characters ready to explore their new environment.

The music and visual style of the video is reminiscent of a vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon, infused with some psychedelic surrealism.