The Deadly Sins of Social Media Infographic Advises What Not to Do

The '7 Deadly Sins of Social Media' infographic from ReallyB2B Marketing provides a succinct guide on some of the worst missteps a brand can make, as based on the infamous seven sins.

These tips go over sins like envy, pride and greed. Although some of them seem like good common sense, looking at them from the perspective of the seven sins is pretty clever. For example, it's no secret that consistency is key on social media — don't indulge in slothful behavior. Wrath reminds brands to be very careful about the kind of content that is shared, especially since negative posts can be very harmful and they don't go unseen.

The tip that coincides with "pride" is one of the most sound pieces of advice: "don't rest on your laurels" and always continue to improve your social media approach.