De Beers $25,000 Design

 - Sep 11, 2007   Updated: Apr 11 2011
I was tempted to title this article "Pimp my Egg Timer," but this diamond-studded hour glass from De Beers is too elegant! It makes one want to light a few candles, insert a "Ravel's Bolero" in the CD player, and do what comes naturally until the sand runs out.

"Hour glass was a way of measuring time before clocks were invented. If ordinary mortals used sand hourglasses, it's natural that the affluent use something exclusive. I have just come across this beautiful Hour Glass from De Beers. The exuberant treasure is festooned with 2000 diamonds. The diamond hour glass stands on a top and touts a golden top and base. This diamond hour glass is available in a limited edition run. This beautifully crafted Hour Glass runs at $25,000 a pop."

Implications - Though technology has advanced, consumers still see a sense of novelty appeal and romanticism in analogue pieces with inferior technology.