The Davide Tremolada 'Upside Down (Faces)' Series is Bizarre and Unusual

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: petapixel & laughingsquid
Photographer Davide Tremolada has created very distorted and surreal photographs in his new 'Upside Down(faces)' series. Tremolada gives all of his subjects extra-large chins in this series. He does this by mixing two images of the same person together.

In order to create this illusion, Tremolada captures photographs of both the person's face and the back of their heads. He then goes back to the work and edits the two together. The series is quite unusual and freakish. Most of the subjects have full heads of hair, so it makes it look like they all have large beards. They also look abnormal because of the set of protruding ears that are coming out of their extra-large chins.