David Zinn Sluggo Chalk Art is Adorably Altruistic

 - Sep 30, 2012
References: zinnart & mymodernmet
The heart-warming images of Sluggo the slug-like alien featured in the David Zinn Sluggo chalk art has been appearing all over Ann Arbor. The benevolent creature is seen cleaning up leaves, interacting with nature and trying to lend a helping hand to those around him.

Using existing landscape features such as cracks in the sidewalk and lines on the road, David Zinn makes his chalk cartoon character come to life, giving him an almost three dimensional appearance as he interacts with his surroundings. In one of my favorite images, Sluggo is trying to sweep fallen leaves under the sidewalk, looking almost believable as real leaves interact with chalk ones.

With these disarming images, the David Zinn Sluggo chalk art shows the humorous and good-natured side of graffiti and street art.