David Yee and Laurea De Ocampo Created These ‘fastestpossible' Dra

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: fastestpossible.tumblr
Sometimes, there is beauty in simplicity and that is exactly what David Yee and Laurea de Ocampo prove with their ‘fastestpossible’ Tumblr blog. A series of pictures are periodically uploaded onto their Tumblr, showing the fastest and most simplistic ways to draw different things. The pictures themselves can get a bit messy, but luckily, the duo usually makes sure that each image is titled. My favorite ones are the images or objects that are really hard to draw without using intricate details. For example, the picture of cabbage, which is surprisingly recognizable even without the title.

Interestingly, the human brain is capable of deciphering what the featured art object is, even without all the finer details. David Yee and Laurea de Ocampo even take suggestions on their Tumblr for ‘fastestpossible’ drawings, so remember to be creative with them.