The David Stewart Intension/Indecision Series Captures Confused Women

 - Oct 25, 2012
References: davidstewwwart & itsnicethat
The David Stewart Intension/Indecision photography series portrays the complicated and often confusing relationship many women have with food.

In his images, Stewart features women in strange eating settings, such as the laundromat or waiting for the elevator, with no one around. Each woman is wearing a frilly dress, emphasizing her femininity, and holding some sort of raw food in an unusual way such as shrimp in a bucket, sausage in a purse and eel in a laundry basket. The raw foods look unappealing and the barren environments, along with the bewildered look on the women's faces, emphasizes the discomfort the women feel towards the foods.

The David Stewart Intension/Indecision series demonstrates the extremely bizarre associations many women have with food.