David Gensler's Shear Collection is a Sheariously Chic Spin on Scissors

 - May 29, 2011
References: serumvenom & notcot
These piercing pendants are positively pretty. Serum Versus Venom's designer David Gerlan's Shear collection is an artistic collaborative project with his designer friend Osamu Koyama of Complete Techniques. The two designers wanted to create a collection of necklaces that would reflect Gerlan's extensive personal collection of antique tailoring shears.

Gerlan possesses an impressive historical collection of over 800 pairs of tailoring shears, and wanted to share the sheer beauty of these tools with the public. The resulting pendant necklaces are simple and elegant. Gerlan chose to focus on three historical shears and created exact mini replicas of them in gold and silver finishes.

David Gerlan's Shear collection is cutting edge and couture. Now everyone can wear these tiny traditional tools around their necks.