'DashMetrics' Creates a Highly Shareable Breakdown of Dashboard Metrics

 - Jan 4, 2017
References: dashmetrics.io & betalist
Dashboard metrics are an essential part of any business, so 'DashMetrics' works to make the various KPIs and other numbers highly shareable with others within an organization. 'DashMetrics' works by putting various metrics into a dashboard that can be shared with others in the organization and/or with management. This helps to make it easier to track how everyone is doing rather than just relying on guesswork or having the person detail their own individual metrics.

Various dashboard metrics can get lost in the mix when it comes to reporting and the numerous programs that are used on a daily basis within a team. 'DashMetrics' works to help unify the numbers and make everyone on the team know how everyone is doing from a numbers standpoint.