Flexible Dash 2.0 Wallets Endorse Efficiency

 - May 26, 2013
References: elliothavok & dashwallets
The Dash Wallet 2.0 is proof that wallets now work differently than ever before. It is the world’s first wallet that allows card usage without the card ever being taken out. Designer Elliot Havok has been working to create the most compact, flexible, easy-to-use and appealing Dash wallet, now offered at a lower price.

The black elastic fabric wallet is made of only one piece of material; this requires minimal frame and provides optimal durability. The material is made of recycled fibers, which is stretchy so that the wallet will fit however many cards you need.

The vision behind Dash’s design is to omit unnecessary wallet fillers and to only carry the essentials. There are two compartments for cards and a third for cash. Dash strives to provide fast and easy access for the on-the-go person.