The Dartz Prombron' Nagel is a Luxury Boat Hauler

 - May 9, 2011
References: & bornrich
Dartz is quickly becoming my favorite automaker, thanks in part to designs like the Dartz Prombron’ Nagel. The Dartz Prombron’ Nagel was designed by Eduard Gray of Gray Design and is a special sportback designed to tow yachts and deflect bullets.

The Dartz Prombron’ Nagel is armored, a signature feature of all Dartz cars. The armor and tow package (capable of towing a five-ton yacht) won’t slow you down as the Nagel is expected to have 2,000 horsepower and a top speed of 155 mph.

While I am not sure if creating a sportback with 2,000 horsepower is even possible, I am excited to see the finished product. Dartz is known for its outrageous cars, and the Nagel seems to be no different, combining luxury with top performance numbers and of course, bulletproof armor.